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Feb 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
" is not his real name, but it's the name that he used to write his book "no easy day" about the assault on bin laden's compound. we first brought you his story in september. owen was on the helicopter that crashed into the compound. he was the second man in bin laden's bedroom. and he took the pictures of the body that the world has never seen. owen received a silver star for valor and a purple heart for a wound suffered in the raid. but despite all that, owen told us, in his only interview, that "no easy day" is not about him. he says it's a tribute to the hundreds of americans who gathered intelligence, planned and trained in the ten-year pursuit of the world's most wanted man. seal team six, he told us, just took care of the last 40 minutes. was this a mission... was the plan to kill osama bin laden or capture him, before you went in? >> mark owen: this was absolutely not a kill-only mission. it was made very clear to us throughout our... our training for this that, "hey, if given the opportunity, this is... this is not an assassination. you will capture him alive, if... if feasible." >> pe
Feb 10, 2013 6:00am PST
whether to merge with u.s. airways. a merger would create one of the world's largest airlines. today is new year's day in china. fireworks lit up the sky in beijing overnight and singer celine dion performed to mark the start of the year of the snake. now today's weather. sunny and milder along the east and west coasts. but it will be a stormy day for most of the country. in the week to come those storms will bring rain and possibly more snow as they move across the nation. keep those shovels handy. next the fight over drones. ♪ i'm a good man with a good heart ♪ >> osgood: later >> osgood: it looks big to me, but not all drones are as small as this one. the debate over the use of drones isn't small either particularly after the events of this past week. later we'll be hearing from correspondent david martin. but to begin our sunday morning cover story is reported by martha teichner. >> reporter: their names: predator reaper, imply their deadly intent. they are what we've come to understand drones to be. unmanned killing machines armed with hell fire missiles controlled from thou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2